The goal is to turn customers into fans

The goal is to turn customers into fans

A timeline loaded with digestible extras

A movie evening Game of Thrones and virtual Formula 1 races. VodafoneZiggo pulls out all the stops with extras like this to inform customers of all the benefits of their subscription. Let's take a look behind the scenes in the department working on this on a daily basis.

The Brand Publishing team working for Vodafone as well as Ziggo. All day long, this department thinks up creative concepts, in line with the products and services of both brands. These range from original promotions and advertisements that link in with a topical social media subject, to gatherings, video concepts and games. The Brand Publishing team is also called 'the Hub', because the team cooperates throughout the organization with everyone and every team, from marketing to web-care, from programming to media and from sponsoring to HR. 

Creating awareness
Its goal is to turn customers into fans. Their subscription should offer them optimal benefits in the field of mobile, internet and entertainment. Sometimes it simply starts with being aware of what you already have. Some of our customers, for example, are not fully aware of all the great things they have in their entertainment package. Or they haven't experienced the Ziggo GO app yet. By providing tips– in the form of branded content –about new movies and awesome series for example, the Hub hopes to make this target group aware of all the options in VodafoneZiggo's wide range of subscriptions.

Timeline = heartbeat
To tie in with what's important in the target group, the team constantly keeps its finger on the pulse. Thus, the word 'social' in social media primarily means 'listening'. The team listens to its customers before it produces texts, images or videos. Seeing their honest, double-quick reactions pass by all day long on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is truly an inspiration. The editorial team learns from them, that's the aim. That timeline is the heartbeat of the company. Surprising customers in a positive way, that's their target.

From football fan to binge-watcher
This way, VodafoneZiggo presents its varied package to customers. Whether you are a football fanatic, Formula 1 lover, fond of films or addicted to series. The team organizes 'e-battles' for example, with race fans racing against each other on a virtual F1 track. And the Hub developed Binge, a programme filled with short, comic videos. A sort of crazy roller coaster ride, across all the movies and series VodafoneZiggo has to offer.  


Looking forward to the new season
Game of Thrones, the most popular series in the world, could count on a royal campaign. For two months, all the fans had been looking forward to the first episode. Each day the Hub broadcasted surprising extras, a number of bloopers, a 'white walker' snapchat lens, an ultrashort summary of all the seasons, a special map of the Netherlands in GOT style. That made for hundreds of thousands likes and shares.

In a cape to the cinema
The finale was an exclusive evening in a number of Pathé cinemas, where fans could watch the final episode of the season on a giant screen. The Hub received a lot of positive reactions. They managed to transfer the experience fans normally have in their living-room to a grand event attended by hundreds of fans.

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