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    Better performance through 5G

    27 april 2020

    "With the introduction of 5G, we are – just now – taking a significant first step in the Netherlands," explains Eben Albertyn, CTO of VodafoneZiggo. "Although our mobile 4G is already very good and fast in the Netherlands, the 5G connection will generally be even better." This will be particularly noticeable in the response times (latency) of mobile internet. For customers, this will result in fluid and smooth images, for example when watching video.

    Albertyn: "Our Vodafone 4G network and antenna park is among the best in European tests. With this new 5G, the customer experience will improve even further. Speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. While the average latency (response time) will in many cases drop below 20 ms." This is important for mobile online real-time gaming, critical business processes and, for example, self-driving cars.

    Technical considerations by Vodafone also play a role in this step towards 5G, he explains: "Because 4G will eventually reach its limits in terms of data capacity, we are investing in 5G which will make data capacity more efficient now and with a view to the future. Also in order to keep our climate-neutral network efficient. Moreover, through Vodafone Group we already have international experience with the roll-out of 5G in countries such as Germany and Italy."