Telecom provider VodafoneZiggo joins forces with SDK Vastgoed (SDK Real Estate) to set up a sustainable energy system for the new housing estate Smariuskade in Tilburg. In the future, the new urban district will be heated with residual heat generated by the data centre, which is already located on the Smarius site. The cold from the district’s soil will then be delivered back to VodafoneZiggo, so that they can use it to cool their equipment. With this step, VodafoneZiggo confirms that their sustainable ambitions and contribution to energy transition are important items on the business agenda.

Construction work for a green urban district will start on Tilburg's Smarius site in autumn 2023. The objective of VodafoneZiggo and its partner SDK Vastgoed is to heat a large proportion of the 721 rental and owner-occupied houses to be built on the site with residual heat from the data centre. Not only is this a win-win situation for both partners, but primarily for the climate and the people in the immediate living environment. Leo-Geert van den Berg, Director of Fixed Networks at VodafoneZiggo: "By working together, we will use energy more economically and also ensure a quiet living environment, as the cooling fans on the data centre roof no longer need to be switched on."

The partnership with SDK Vastgoed is a logical step for VodafoneZiggo. Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of VodafoneZiggo: "As a telecom company, we have strong ambitions to take our responsibility to support the energy transition and make ourselves and supply chain partners more sustainable. The collaboration with SDK Vastgoed is a concrete example of this. This week saw the release of our first Integrated Report, which, among other things, shows the steps we are taking towards the sustainability ambition of reducing our CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025."

Energy Crew
Making VodafoneZiggo's technology sites more sustainable, such as the data centre in Tilburg, is the responsibility of the 'Energy Crew', part of VodafoneZiggo Technology. This team manages initiatives to make the technology sites more sustainable, such as replacing old (network and IT) equipment with energy-efficient equipment, optimising lighting by using energy-efficient LED lighting and reducing cooling energy by making intelligent use of cold outside air. The initiative of using waste heat from the data centre in Tilburg for the future residential area is also the responsibility of the Energy Crew. VodafoneZiggo aspires to set up more renewable energy systems in the near future.

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