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    Vodafone Business and ‘De Ondernemer’ organise 10 free webinars for businesses

    10 april 2020

    In the next five weeks, ‘De Ondernemer’, a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses, will partner with Vodafone Business to offer ten online lectures for businesses for free. The series is called 'Koffie Colleges' (Coffee Lectures) and top specialists will share their tips on how to emerge from a crisis stronger.

    The corona crisis puts an enormous strain on the resilience of businesses. Many companies have come to a halt, see their cost rise and revenue decrease. To support businesses, Vodafone Business decided to set up a series of webinars.

    Thomas Hendriks will present the ten webinars. Each edition is recorded from the living room of the specialist in the spotlight. 'Smarter working', which also includes working from home, is an important theme in the series. The webinars will be posted each Tuesday and Friday morning. All webinars can be watched via 'De Ondernemer' website.

    Which speakers can you expect in the Coffee Lectures?

    Marco Aarnink: Founder of
    How does a teambuilder pur sang deal with a situation in which he is not surrounded by his team? How does he keep his people motivated? Make decisions? Focus on the future?

    Jose Woldring: Founder of The Media Nanny, the PR agency of DJs like Martin Garrix and David Guetta
    (Female) entrepreneurship in times of crisis, a team of young people working from home, how can you apply marketing/PR without shows and how can you still be effective, e.g. in creating goodwill.

    Jan van Setten: Expert in behavioural change, customer focus and leadership
    How to reorganise your company, manage people differently and service your customers in a new way? This requires a change in leadership style.


    Martijn Aslander: Connecting people, information and ideas. Known as the founder of
    How lifehacking can make you as an entrepreneur emerge stronger from a crisis. How this is the perfect time to work smarter, live smarter, encourage personal growth, apply knowledge management and DIY in order to improve.

    Click here for more information on 'Koffie Colleges'.