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    Vodafone offers help in Mozambique after hurricane

    25 maart 2019

    Hurricane Idai has devastated a large region in Mozambique. Communication lines have completely disappeared and roads have been swept away. Four Vodafone employees were sent to Mozambique to help restore communication. After all, rapid communication after a disaster is crucial for aid workers and residents.

    These colleagues work at Vodafone in the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Hungary. They've brought Instant Wi-Fi equipment developed in the Netherlands. The team works together with the local telecom provider Vodacom, Télécoms Sans Frontières and the local authorities with the aim of making communication possible for emergency services and residents / victims.

    They traveled to the city of Beira where the destruction is greatest. They were able to connect a 3G network at the airport for communication for aid workers. They als made it possible for people to get in contact with their loved ones and family members and let them know they're safe, via free satellite phone connections.


    The Dutch Vodafone Foundation previously sent volunteers to disaster areas in Sint Maarten (2017) and the Philippines (2018). Through the Instant Network Programme Vodafone deploys colleagues (volunteers) and equipment to set up temporary communication connections in disaster areas within 48 hours.

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