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    VodafoneZiggo launches teaching programme to advance digital skills

    17 november 2017

    The digitization of society comes with huge opportunities. In order to seize those opportunities, young people need digital skills. This is why VodafoneZiggo launches the interactive teaching programme Online Masters during the national Week of Media Literacy (17 to 24 November). It focuses on four topics: the digital world, creative and skilled online, safe online and conscious online.

    Most young people find it hard to recognize fake news and to find information online. They also overrate their digital skills which are hardly being taught in schools since it is not compulsory as yet. This is shown by research by Kennisnet and

    'Online Masters' has been especially developed for the senior section of primary education and the first few years of secondary education and is free the entire year. Topics are introduced by several well-known 'masters', ranging from professors to vloggers, including Felienne Hermans of TU Delft, vlogger Thomas Smagge and internet entrepreneur Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. In short video clips they familiarize pupils with their digital world. Parents are also involved by way of home assignments.

    It is crucial to equip children and youngsters with the proper digital luggage.

    Digital luggage 
    Recently, the House of Representatives agreed to an accelerated inclusion of digital literacy in the curriculum. Until the theme has become an integral part of education, VodafoneZiggo seeks to familiarize as many young people as possible with technology and the wide variety of digital opportunities. "The world is becoming ever more digital and developments are booming," says Marieke Dekker, board member at VodafoneZiggo. "Many people find it hard to keep up and that has an impact on our society. Not only on education, but also on government and the business world. It is therefore crucial to equip children and youngsters with the right digital luggage."

    Colleagues as teachers 
    The teaching programme Online Masters was launched during the national Week of Media Literacy (17 to 24 November 2017). That week, hundreds of VodafoneZiggo employees from all over the country adopted a teaching role to give an introduction lesson. Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO at VodafoneZiggo: "I think it's tremendously important that the entire company embraces initiatives like this. That is why I wholeheartedly support colleagues from across the company to volunteer as teacher. Naturally, I join in as well. VodafoneZiggo stands for enjoyment and progress. Stimulating youngsters and their talents plays an important part in that."

    VodafoneZiggo developed the teaching programme in cooperation with ECP/ and Approximately 20,000 children were introduced to the teaching programme in the kick off week. As of today, it is available to everyone for free at”