"Thanks to my traineeship, I stand a lot firmer"

"Thanks to my traineeship, I stand a lot firmer"

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"I am introverted by nature. Prior to my traineeship, it sometimes bothered me. In a group I was quickly labelled as quiet or shy, which is not how I see myself at all."

Inge Peters, Customer Experience Analyst, talks about her traineeship at VodafoneZiggo: "I've learned to fully accept my introverted character and to use it consciously at the appropriate moments. I stand a lot firmer now and realize my added value to a team or in a meeting faster. Sometimes, it can be more effective to keep quiet for a while and then summarize what's been said."

"Together with my colleagues from Customer Experience & Processes, I am the driving force behind improving the customer experience at VodafoneZiggo", says Inge. "Today, to give you an example, I sent a number of improvement initiatives based on customer feedback to various departments. We bring customers' wishes to the attention of the right people at the right level. In this way we ensure that the customer's perspective gets the attention it deserves at the right time."

At VodafoneZiggo there is not a lot of hierarchy, according to Inge. "We don't bother with your position in the organization, as long as you come up with well-founded ideas. I don't feel much distance between myself and the managers. In a project you often work together towards one goal, which makes your position less important." 

"The focus is on our mentality and 'fresh outlook'. Trainees are really given the opportunity to express their opinion and take part in the discussion. In addition, we are allowed to witness the development of products, processes and services in detail. That is very interesting and helpful. Most days end with a feeling of satisfaction, because we have solved something for the customer yet again."

Inge Peters studied tourism and marketing. She lives in Breda and is fond of foreign languages. After her traineeship she became a Customer Experience Analyst at VodafoneZiggo.

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Photo: Marieke Odekerken