The 'Digi' in Our Strategy

The 'Digi' in Our Strategy

Why VodafoneZiggo continues to digitise

Sometimes a company helps you so much that you think: "Wow, they understand exactly what I need." That is precisely what VodafoneZiggo wants to be for its customers, thanks to its new strategic pillar Go Digital. 'Digi' has been part of our strategy for a year now and it's paying off.

My life is made a lot easier by companies that use their digital resources to give me a smooth customer experience. Sonos speakers are a good example, they are something I can install with a single press of a button. Or Ubers' simple app with which I immediately find a reliable driver to take me quickly from A to B. What do these companies have in common? The incredible customer experience they offer and their digital DNA. Thanks to the digital strategy, it is now also increasingly who we are.

From Doing to Being
I can already hear you thinking: but surely VodafoneZiggo is already highly digital, no? Indeed. With our network, we ensure that your digital equipment works flawlessly. Our own devices such as the set-top box and modems are digital, too. Just like the television you are streaming on your phone, tablet or computer. I see this mainly as digital doing. By which I mean: we offer digital products and services, but these all too often require human intervention. A year ago we determined that the time was also ripe for us to go digital: to provide the very best customer experience, without human intervention.

Data Driven
I firmly believe that the intelligent use of data leads to a better customer experience. If we determine - with your permission - that some of your equipment or your home network isn’t working, we can fix that problem before you even ask for help, or sometimes even before you notice the problem yourself. At VodafoneZiggo, we would like to offer this proactive service.

It is becoming increasingly possible to anticipate problems. We already have the data: almost all parts of our network report when they are broken and we are able to solve the problem immediately after detection. In areas where they don't report this, we can intelligently deduce the location of the issue. For example, our network has a few million connectors that do not report whether they are functional or not. A single one breaking down causes a malfunction. Thanks to calculations by our data scientists, we can now remotely identify which connector is broken, so that a mechanic can fix the problem almost immediately. In the past, hours would have to have been spent looking for a kink in the cable. This calculation enables our mechanics to better devote their time, and you have a stronger connection. Data drives us.

Digital First, Then ...
We adjust our mindset in order to be digital. In everything we do, we ask ourselves: how does this help our customers and is there a digital solution? Do you want to know which films you've watched, how high your telephone bill was last month and whether your bill has been paid? You no longer have to call us for that, you can easily see it in your MyZiggo app. This doesn't mean that personal contact will disappear. In fact, it will only become better. If you call our customer service or visit one of our stores, we will know - again only with your permission - before you even say anything, who you are, which of our products you possess and which solutions you are looking for. Or at least we're certainly getting better at doing this. Your permission to digitally monitor your use of our products enables us to get to know you better and provide you with the best service.

Being digital also means being flexible. Technological developments follow one after the other in rapid succession. That is why we test products with customers as quickly as possible in order to put them on the market. Our WiFi app is a good example, and something we developed on the basis of live tests. With continuous feedback from practice, we were able to quickly adapt and improve the app. In this app, a virtual technician guides you through making WiFi-strength measurements with your phone. By pointing your phone at your house, you’ll see the different measuring points floating on the screen. The digital technician in the app subsequently helps you solve your problem. Need some human contact after all? With the push of a button you have a service employee on the line who can see your measurement results and helps you immediately. The app has 1,500 unique daily users. 85% of users find the app very easy to use.

VodafoneZiggo Is Digital
The WiFi app is a great example of our digital strategy in action. It was developed at lightning speed because we are working in an increasingly agile manner. This means that we develop products and services in short periods of time that we market, test and improve. Every quarter we look at how we can help our customers even better. We determine the tasks and work with 1,500 colleagues in agile teams. This enables us to respond more and more quickly to the wishes of customers. Therefore, if customers want certain products or features, we don't wait until next year, but adjust our plans immediately. Our approach also allows us to have everything ready faster!

That way, everyone retains a clear perspective: our customer is number one with the help of data and digital resources. We are also managing these resources better and better, partly through our offer of 'unlimited learning' with thousands of courses to boost our digital skills. This makes our DNA increasingly digital, you can install our devices at the touch of a button and you hardly need to call customer service any more. Need help after all? It's never further away than an app on your phone. That gives you an increasingly comfortable customer experience.

Robin Kroes plots the course of VodafoneZiggo's digital transformation and is responsible for Strategy in the Board of Directors. Before that, he was responsible for the integration of UPC and Ziggo as VP Strategy & Corporate Development.

Robin Kroes, Executive Director Strategy, Insights & Integration