Enjoying Formula 1 to the Max

Enjoying Formula 1 to the Max

Ziggo GP Live provides ultimate sports experience

Last June, for the first time in the Netherlands, tens of thousands of race fans gathered in the Ziggo Dome for Ziggo GP Live. The memorable overtaking manoeuvres by Max Verstappen brought the atmosphere in the dome to an absolute high. And that is exactly what Ziggo wants, offering added value to customers. Following the success of the first event, the GP of Mexico will also be shown on the big screen in the Amsterdam venue.

Six times the Ziggo Dome exploded during the Austrian Grand Prix. Each time, Max Verstappen moved up another place through the ranks. The race fans celebrated the fantastic result in unison during Ziggo F1 Live. "With Ziggo F1 Live we offer our customers the best content and viewing experience", explains Mart Roumen, content marketer sports at VodafoneZiggo. "At home via the TV or when traveling via the Ziggo Go app. Events like this are added as an additional third layer. Together you enjoy those great moments even more."

And it's that experience that counts, explains Mart. "We notice that Ziggo Sport is appreciated by customers ánd non-customers alike. That appreciation leads to the first group remaining loyal longer and the latter to consider becoming a customer sooner. With events like Ziggo GP Live we emphasize the link between being a VodafoneZiggo customer and the added value we offer with our free channel Ziggo Sport. It serves as proof: this is why it’s great to join VodafoneZiggo. Ziggo GP Live has – partly due to the fantastic performance by Max of course – contributed to that in a major way."

Orange feeling
In contrast to large soccer tournaments or the Olympic Games, which often lead to huge national celebrations, this is a rare phenomenon at Formula 1 races. At least until recently. The sport has a different DNA than soccer for example. Still, Mart and sponsor manager Dico Ariessen were hoping to incite the orange supporters. "We notice that the more we are glued to our smartphones and laptops, the more we do feel the need to experience and celebrate together. This event was an ultimate example of that. On a scale from 1 to 10 this was an 11, naturally because of the extraordinary result achieved by Max Verstappen."

Mart pulled out all the stops to offer the race fans a perfect afternoon. Rob van Gameren, Jan Lammers and Giedo van der Garde were present as experts. Mart: "And the presenter could only be that one person. Who better to incite that feeling of national pride than Jack van Gelder? By the way, we were a bit fortunate too, without a doubt. Because at the event, we were able to launch the new Formula 1 game F1 2019. The best e-drivers of the country, battling it out this year in the PRO League of the Ziggo e-Battle, were present to introduce the new game. In this way, we also attracted a younger audience. We will continue this streak at the event during the GP of Mexico."

Fulfilling promises
The packed Ziggo Dome didn't go by unnoticed in other countries. Mails came in from people wondering how they managed to get tens of thousands of people to watch a Formula 1 Grand Prix together. "Nice, of course", Mart responds. "The key thing is, though, that we were able to offer our ‘best experience promise’ to our customers. And that doesn’t only apply to sports. We do the same for Music and Movies & Series. Not long ago, our customers could also enjoy the last episode of Game of Thrones, for example, in the Pathé cinemas. In this way, we offer more and more things they can enjoy. So customers feel that connection with each other ánd with us."

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