Jordi the technician in lead role of instruction videos after an audition round

Jordi the technician in lead role of instruction videos after an audition round

Never too old to learn how to fix technical problems

Stay home. This also applies to the VodafoneZiggo technicians. Now that they travel as little as possible, quick alternatives are needed to help customers. You can now easily solve your problems yourself with Jordi the technician’s instruction videos.

Surely, it sounds familiar: you’ve been using the TV and the Internet at home a lot more since the lockdown. And this can cause problems like a black TV screen or a faltering Wi-Fi connection. ‘However, VodafoneZiggo cannot visit customers for every request anymore due to the corona crisis’, says impact specialist Charles de Ridder. ‘That’s frustrating, but the health of our employees and customers is our top priority.’

The lines are busy
As a result, customer service is overrun with questions.

VodafoneZiggo quickly had to come up with a solution to support its employees. ‘Before the corona crisis, technicians had already suggested making instruction videos for some simple problems. Technicians see quite a few technical issues at customers’ homes that could have easily been solved by customers themselves, in hindsight. This saves the customer money and us a ride.’

In two weeks’ time: from idea to product
And what better time for digitising tips and tricks than the corona period? Exactly. Thus different departments at VodafoneZiggo, working together from home, were able to turn an idea into a product in just two weeks. Are you having problems with the Internet, the Wi-Fi connection, the remote control or a malfunctioning TV picture? If so, you can get started yourself with the instruction videos. Maybe all you need to do is order a new cable to be able to binge watch in peace again.

The most common calls
‘Based on data, we investigated for which problems customers contact us the most. We created a shortlist and then selected three problems that could easily be filmed in order to increase customers’ self-reliance’, says community manager Arakou Khader, who coordinated the project and brought the right people together in various video meetings. ‘The three subjects yielded the quickest results, both for customers and for customer service. Some solutions seem very obvious, but to a lot of people, they aren’t! Our scriptwriters have worded the instructions as clearly as possible to make them suitable for a broad audience.’

The host: which technician do we choose?
A good teacher can make or break a good instruction video, of course. ‘We organised ‘auditions’ for six technicians’, says Arakou. ‘They filmed videos of themselves and we sent these videos to a casting agency. They saw a natural talent in our technician Jordi Palm! With Jordi playing the lead and a professional crew behind the camera, we shot three great instruction videos. We did this in our ‘house of the future’: a replicated house at our location in Amsterdam, where we simulate technical problems. Jordi is a great host: he has a good appearance and hosts at a calm pace. We hope that people will get started with these videos!’ Because you’re never too old to learn how to fix technical problems.

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