Proud partner of Pride Amsterdam

Proud partner of Pride Amsterdam

The shared mission and collaboration of VodafoneZiggo and Pride

At VodafoneZiggo we pay a lot of attention to diversity and inclusion. This is reflected in our partnership with Pride Amsterdam, among other things. Even before the merger between Vodafone and Ziggo, Vodafone was a partner of this world-famous event, which started last Saturday. HR director Thomas Mulder looks back on eight beautiful years.


Enjoyment and Progress with every Connection
Thomas: "That is the purpose of VodafoneZiggo. At work, if you feel you can't be yourself to belong, you'll never get a connection with your colleagues and the company that brings real enjoyment and progress. That's why equality and inclusion is incredibly important in an organisation as diverse as ours. Partnering with Pride allows us to show what we stand for, both to our colleagues and to society. When we had our own boat in the Canal Parade, I loved seeing all the colleagues on the boat truly being themselves and having a fantastic day together."

Open-Up, Team-Up & Step-Up
"Everyone should be able to be themselves and there should be freedom and equality for everyone, regardless of origin, gender, sexuality or whether or not they have a disability. Based on our core values Open-Up, Team-Up & Step-Up, we work to create as open a culture as possible. We also join forces with like-minded and dissenting people and take that extra step to further promote diversity, equality and inclusion within our organisation and in society."

"When it comes to the LGBT+ community, this is reflected in, for example, our code of conduct, our employee network 'Queers Connected' and the organisation of Corporate Queer workshops for our colleagues. In addition, we believe it is important to show the outside world that we also uphold these values within the rest of society. We do this through our commitment to Pride Utrecht and Pride Amsterdam, among others."

Inspiring internationally
"Already in our first year of participation in Pride Amsterdam in 2013, we wanted to inspire our Vodafone colleagues from other countries. We therefore launched a competition. This allowed the winners from five other countries, including the UK and Czech Republic, to sail with us. This was such an overwhelming success that we decided to expand it for the editions in the years to follow. In these years we had dozens of colleagues from the United States and around 15 European and African countries where Vodafone is active, join our Dutch colleagues on the boat. This gathering of our colleagues from all over the world during Pride Amsterdam provided unforgettable experiences every year. With this we have inspired the diversity policy in many Vodafone countries."

"We are a proud ally of the community and will certainly remain so. Of course, this COVID time has not been easy for Pride Amsterdam either. I am therefore really looking forward to the fact that as partners we will soon be able to say: Together Again!"

Anniversary in pictures
The photo contest for the anniversary edition of the Pride, yielded a huge number of entries. A jury selected the 50 most meaningful and iconic photos over the years, divided into several categories. And it is amazing that one of them is a beautiful photo, taken on our boat during the Canal Parade!


These 50 most special photos can be admired in a special photo book and a photo exhibition in Amsterdam. The exhibition can be seen until 10 August in the Vondelpark.

Pride Amsterdam 2021 takes place from 31 July to 8 August with an alternative programme, due to the COVID measures. Click here for more information.

In our blog "Being yourself is the basis of a strong society" you can read more about how VodafoneZiggo deals with diversity, inclusion and pride.