"Sometimes, we throw up a campaign in three days"

"Sometimes, we throw up a campaign in three days"

Dave Frauenfelder about his dynamic job at VodafoneZiggo

A few years ago, Ajax made it to the finals of the UEFA Europa League in Stockholm. For that special occasion we threw up a complete campaign that zeroed in on that event. We asked random Swedes on the street to sing the football anthem Bloed, zweet en tranen and ended the commercial with ‘Ziggö, proud main sponsor of Ajax’. That is how dynamic and creative our job can be.

Even when I was still a little child, I dreamt about campaigns like that. Only then I thought I would have my own advertising agency. ‘Unique & Partners’ I would call it. My parents even had that name sandblasted in the upper window of my room door! Reality turned out somewhat differently. I did become creative in my profession, but not in an agency. Working on the other side, as ‘advertiser’ has turned out to be more fun than I thought. In this role, I can build the brand Ziggo from A to Z.

And that is what I really enjoy doing, together with the entire team. We are responsible for all commercial communications regarding Ziggo. For radio, TV, online, outdoor and in the shops. Any place where you can come across Ziggo. To that end, we cooperate with our agencies, or rather, our partners. We ensure that all these productions fit the brand, so that people will think: "Glad I’m a Ziggo customer!" Or if that is not yet the case: "I want to join them, too!"

We base our campaigns on bold promises. Claims we can substantiate. For example, we offer customers the possibility to watch TV in the entire European Union on their laptop, tablet and smartphone with Ziggo GO. For the campaign 'Simply take your TV with you’ we hired our famous Ziggo neighbours, actors Kees Boot and Géza Weisz. When the European Union announced that watching content would now be allowed within the EU, we put our heads together with the marketing team to ensure we would claim this momentum as a brand. In no time we found ourselves on a plane to Portugal after the ‘Brussels news’, to shoot twelve videos with a small crew in two days’ time, photograph various campaign material and produce nearly a hundred different communication items.

For this commercial we used a variety of sets. While part of the team was using one set, the other half was busy setting up and checking the next. While we were shooting on the jeu-de-boules court, they were preparing a beach scene. In this way we worked from early in the morning till late at night. Shooting a production like that in such a short time, on a location away from home, ensures you really work as a close-knit team. It was hard work, but we had a fantastic time together.

And fortunately, that shows in the end result! I’m really very proud of it. Also because as a result of the campaign, our customers started to download and use Ziggo GO in great numbers. We did a lot of work to realize this campaign. And as a team we had the challenge to get everyone on board every step of the way, in a large organization like VodafoneZiggo. It’s fantastic when everything then falls into place. All the more, now that the campaign has been nominated for two SAN awards, prizes awarded by and to advertisers.

Dave Frauenfelder

Head of Commercial Communications Ziggo