Strong social piece of work

Strong social piece of work

Everyone gets a chance at VodafoneZiggo

Many people are dealing with a labour challenge, even though they would love to get to work. The organisation EnergieQ Sterk Sociaal connects talented, motivated people with employers such as VodafoneZiggo. Together with them, we have been able to provide a place to dozens of passionate professionals. And this is just the beginning.

Some people take a little longer to crawl out of their shell. Or they need a little more structure. Others need some extra detailed explanations. Or they work a little slower than their colleagues. There are many ways in which a person can benefit from some extra guidance in their work. Or someone with unemployment, WIA or Wajong benefits is looking for a job.

A sprinkle of creativity
There is a place for all of these people at VodafoneZiggo - including the extra guidance that some of them need. "You might not expect it from a big company as this one," says Annemarie van Bentum, talent resourcer responsible for the recruitment of new colleagues. "It is precisely the size of our company, that puts us in the perfect position to create these kinds of 'sustainable workstations'. We have plenty to do, and with a little creativity we can create a position in which someone can work more quietly, receive a little more guidance, or can do the tasks that otherwise get left behind."

Annemarie and her colleagues get help from the organisation EnergieQ Sterk Sociaal. Geerten Derks works there as a recruiter. "For the past five years, we have been helping VodafoneZiggo with the recruitment of people that are included in the Dutch 'Participatiewet'. This includes everyone who requires assistance on the labour market. We know how to find talented, motivated people and guide them to their new job."

New Colleagues
"As soon as we have a position available, Geerten helps us to create support with managers," says Annemarie. It is, of course, the managers who are directly responsible for the new colleagues. Geerten: "Before I start my search for fitting candidates, I talk to them [the managers]. About the added value that a new colleague who needs a little bit of extra attention can provide, about expectations and about the specific needs of the team. I also tell them that, should it be necessary, VodafoneZiggo's job coach Iris will help with the guidance. And that I will sit in on interviews, if the manager or applicant should like it."

Inestimable value
"Managers become highly enthusiastic once they work with someone we recruited," says Geerten. "They notice that they learn a lot about themselves, and that a new colleague often does wonders for the atmosphere." He can see that their enthusiasm spreads throughout the organisation. "This is, in part, the reason that there are increasingly more job openings. Right now, for example, for a copywriter and technicians." Additional explanations for the success? "The central management is constantly encouraging the recruitment of this group. They have also made a participation budget available that eases the placement. And the job coach who supports the new colleagues and the managers - is of immense value."

Many matches
Over the past few years, EnergieQ Sterk Sociaal has made dozens of matches for VodafoneZiggo. "Right now, there are about 25 people working here who have a labour challenge," says Annemarie. "For example, Manal, a status holder who supports the recruitment department. Or Tim, who works at inventory management at one of our support points. In addition, we have hired seven new colleagues who do similar work. There are also a number of new colleagues at Customer Service. And of course, there's Huub, who advises us about environmental management. EnergieQ Sterk Sociaal brought us new colleagues throughout the entire organisation."

Useful work experience
Everyone who finds a place at VodafoneZiggo through EnergieQ Sterk Sociaal, receives a temporary contract for six months or a year. What happens after that, differs. Geerten: "Recently, I spoke to a manager who employed a technician for six months. She was so pleased with him, that she offered him a permanent contract." Some truly do find a permanent place at VodafoneZiggo, says Annemarie. "Others can't really put their roots down here, but they gain useful work experience. Which often leads them to finding a place with another company." Both results are excellent in her opinion: "We love being someone’s launch pad to a better future, either through a short or a long employment."