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"VodafoneZiggo must become a company that acts entirely in response to its customers' needs", says CEO Jeroen Hoencamp. He talks about the organisation's purpose, values and strategy.

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Goal-oriented due to three golden rules

Achieving an ambition is not always a matter of course. To encourage all VodafoneZiggo colleagues to work goal-oriented, three company values have been determined.

Together we create a culture where everyone feels at ease and can improve. The company culture of VodafoneZiggo has three shared values that guide our choices and actions: open up, team up, step up. They describe who we want to be as a company, how we will fulfil our strategy and how we want to engage with each other ánd our customers.

Open up
Be fair and optimistic and receptive to new connections, ideas and situations. Step into the shoes of colleagues, share experiences and stay curious. The more you open up, the more you learn.

Our people are driven professionals, with an open-minded attitude to the world. They want to learn from each other, irrespective of someone’s background or beliefs. Because people coming from different origins and with differing viewpoints make for richer ideas and better results.

We therefore value differences and treat everyone the same. We have, for example, an open attitude towards people from the LGBT+ community. A proper male/female balance in the organization leads to better decision-making and encourages innovation. In 2017, 30% of our top management was female. Finally, we aim to provide job opportunities to people distanced from the labour market.

Team up
Help others and reinforce each other. Trust each other and value one’s differences. Keep your word and celebrate success together. The more we team up, the more we achieve together.

Making connections is in our DNA. This we accomplish with fixed lines and mobile networks, but also in direct contacts. With customers and colleagues. That’s our job. To make sure we do that well, we create the best possible working conditions. We’ve arranged for an inspiring office design to encourage cooperation, creativity and productivity.

Our employees also need to be able to work adequately when they are outside the office. Which is why most have a smartphone and a laptop with mobile broadband connection and Skype functionality. But 'connected working' is not just about IT tools. It’s most of all a way of looking at work, because work is something you do together, without always having to be together.

Step up
Step out of your comfort zone and raise the bar high. Take control and put quality first, each day and for every customer. The more we step up, we higher the customer satisfaction is.

In 2017, the integration of two organizations into a new one started. Seventy top managers participated in a leadership programme. They travelled the country to consult employees about important themes. These sessions were organized by a group of thirty colleagues, the Culture Crew. Participants were given the opportunity to join the discussion and contribute to the development of our values.

Three times a year we conduct a survey to measure how our employees feel and how engaged they are with VodafoneZiggo. We also take this opportunity to ask how they experience the cooperation with their colleagues and managers. The results provide tools for managers to fine-tune their way of working. Next to engagement we also measure employee satisfaction with our portfolio of products and services.

More information about the company values can be found in our annual report.



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