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Why do we do what we do? That question will be answered in this first online magazine. Learn about our purpose and company values.

"VodafoneZiggo must become a company that acts entirely in response to its customers' needs", says CEO Jeroen Hoencamp. He talks about the organisation's purpose, values and strategy.

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"What does VodafoneZiggo mean to you?"

Two of our Senior Leadership Team members answer that question. Watch the videos.

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"By embracing collaboration, I've reinvented myself"

'Open up' is one of the company values of VodafoneZiggo. Nancy Hoogland oversees the culture change in the company and is totally committed to this value.

"Instinctively, I often fool myself into thinking I can do things better on my own. Believing it will be done quicker because I've already thought everything through. But nothing is further from the truth, I've realized. 'Open up' is therefore the company value that applies to me most.

By embracing collaboration, I have reinvented myself. Sometimes I find myself in a new situation that forces me to open up to new people, share my ideas. That is quite challenging. But every time I collaborate with colleagues, I end up with wonderful insights and profound thoughts. I compare it to sports: I never really feel like going to the gym and I often lack the energy for it, but once I've been, I feel fit, full of energy and a better person. Besides, it's nice to talk to your teammates or fellow sportsmen or women.

In January 2017, after months of preparation we introduced the Culture Crew. A group of 44 colleagues from both companies, who put the new company culture high on the agenda. They form a community, representing the entire company. Organizing sessions, mapping opinions from within the organization, listing and sharing the outcome. With the aim to bring about an ongoing dialogue between employees and the highest management, the senior leadership team. In co-creation building that new organization. You cannot impose culture top-down. Culture is something you create together. It's dynamic. It reflects the personality of the organization and is constantly evolving.

I was as proud as a peacock, that day we would present our Culture Crew to VodafoneZiggo for the very first time. For weeks I'd been looking forward to this moment, knowing it would be one of my professional highlights. But then disaster struck. That morning, on my way to thé day, I was involved in a serious car crash that forced me to stay home for nearly five months. It was absolutely terrible. It really felt as if I'd missed my own wedding day! Fortunately, I drew a lot of strength from the heart-warming messages during that time, even more so when I returned to the Culture Crew. That feeling of belonging and engagement will always stay with me. "

Nancy Hoogland, Integration Manager People Development & Culture, VodafoneZiggo

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