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Young talent is always welcome at VodafoneZiggo. We provide opportunities for growth, internships, traineeships, learning possibilities and...fun. Read more about VodafoneZiggo as an employer.

From Amsterdam to London, from trainee to digital programme manager. Gino Smit went the distance. "I thoroughly enjoyed the development programme at Vodafone. As a trainee I was given the chance to improve myself as a professional and a person. Eventually, I could move to England for the job of my dreams."

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"I am introverted by nature. Prior to my traineeship, it sometimes bothered me. In a group I was quickly labelled as quiet or shy, which is not how I see myself at all."

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"Learning and developing in a pressure cooker"

Anouk Wortman, Business Intelligence Governance

"I’ve never learned so many things at the same time as during my traineeship. Your talents are really tested and you see opportunities everywhere.

As a trainee you relocate to a different workplace multiple times. That gives you the feeling of a pressure cooker. Just when you’re getting used to your department and role, you are removed from your comfort zone and put into a new setting. Extremely valuable.

At the beginning of my second project, I already experience the benefits of my first project. The way you approach the initial phase for example, which talks and actions are important to get the hang of a department.

The wide network you establish in a short period of time is also a great bonus. By working in different teams, you get to know a lot of different colleagues and become familiar with different ways of working. You also recognize the relationship between the various activities. In that respect the traineeship is truly a unique introduction.

The work climate at VodafoneZiggo is informal, action-oriented and amicable. Cut the crap and get down to it. If you want to get something done, there is always someone willing to find the time to contribute ideas. Every trainee has a buddy, for example, an ex-trainee who has gone the exact same distance. Your buddy is always there for you if you have any questions or ideas. But the managers are always available, too. There is always room for great plans!"

Anouk Wortman (1991)
Study: Information Science (BSc), Business Information Studies (MSc)

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