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Young talent is always welcome at VodafoneZiggo. We provide opportunities for growth, internships, traineeships, learning possibilities and...fun. Read more about VodafoneZiggo as an employer.

From Amsterdam to London, from trainee to digital programme manager. Gino Smit went the distance. "I thoroughly enjoyed the development programme at Vodafone. As a trainee I was given the chance to improve myself as a professional and a person. Eventually, I could move to England for the job of my dreams."

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"I am introverted by nature. Prior to my traineeship, it sometimes bothered me. In a group I was quickly labelled as quiet or shy, which is not how I see myself at all."

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"You get the freedom to create opportunities"

Leila Palavra, Performance Improvement Manager

"I wrote my thesis at Ziggo and was immediately attracted to the openness and flexibility of the colleagues. In addition, I was given a lot of responsibility as an intern. I thought that as a trainee at VodafoneZiggo I would probably get even more opportunities. And that turned out to be the case.

My first project was in the Network department of the enterprise part of the company. It was my job to optimize processes. That may not sound very exciting at first, but it proved a really nice challenge. I had to deal with a dozen different departments, each with their own goals, ways of working and preferences. Not an easy task to keep everyone more or less satisfied and to prioritize.

In my second project I designed a cost model at the Commercial Management department. A challenge of a completely different nature! It’s my ambition to get to know as many departments as possible and to really understand what it is they are doing. In addition, I want to improve as a professional. The enthusiasm and the feedback of my colleagues are really motivating. It’s why I enjoy coming to work every day.

VodafoneZiggo offers a great many opportunities, provided you create them yourself. You are supposed to work independently, but also liaise with others proactively. Everyone is willing to help and the culture is very open. You can plan your own days, which is nice with the many activities outside work. The drink parties are also great!"

Name: Leila Palavra (1993)

Study: Industrial Engineering and Management at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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