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    VodafoneZiggo to open central office in city centre Utrecht

    12 oktober 2017

    New state-of-the-art office has open and accessible atmosphere and encourages cooperation 

    The new central office of VodafoneZiggo will be located in the very centre of Utrecht. As of October 2018, more than 1,400 employees will be working in the new building in shopping centre Hoog Catharijne. This was announced by management today. Since the merger of Vodafone and Ziggo, the new company has been looking for a central location of its own to unite its workforce. Work that is currently spread out over four offices in Amsterdam and Utrecht, will be centralized in the building between Singel and Central Station Utrecht. On the same location VodafoneZiggo is also building an experience centre for business customers and a shop.

    Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO at VodafoneZiggo: "We are pleased with this new place, a top of the bill location befitting our company. With our brands, VodafoneZiggo operates at the heart of the community and the customer is put first. The new Hoog Catharijne lies in the heart of the fastest growing city in the Netherlands and is thé meeting place for many due to its central location. It has approximately 26 million passers-by each year, that is 26 million 'connections' with existing and prospective customers: how special is that! With this new location, in the middle of the Amsterdam – Maastricht axis which is important to us, we will have a centrally located meeting place with an office, an experience centre, and a shop. An appealing home in a dynamic and inspiring environment that clearly demonstrates to consumers and businesses alike who we are and what we do. That is why we have opted for this location for our new central office."

    Burgemeester Jan van Zanen en CEO Jeroen HoencampMayor Jan van Zanen and CEO Jeroen Hoencamp

    Mayor Jan van Zanen: "Utrecht welcomes VodafoneZiggo to the heart of the city. In VodafoneZiggo Utrecht will have a partner that can contribute to our digital future with all kinds of smart solutions and initiatives. Utrecht is a smart city with a modern digital infrastructure, where innovative services are being developed to make people's lives more convenient. VodafoneZiggo is not only a large employer moving its offices to the city, but also a party that can partner in the development of such 'smart' services. Services that can result in progress for the city with regard to safety and technology, good connectivity for its inhabitants and businesses and that teach children the ins and outs of technology. And thanks to our huge student network, VodafoneZiggo will find a source of inspiration and talent. In short: this is a relationship we are proud of."