Experience Centre

Meeting place and source of inspiration

‘Fun and progress with every connection’: this is what VodafoneZiggo is all about. At the Experience Centre, we bring this credo to life for customers, for existing and new employees, for youngsters, and for representatives from municipalities and provinces. It’s a place to learn, meet and get inspired. But most of all, it’s a place to feast your eyes.

The Experience in a nutshell
The name says it all: the Experience Centre needs to be experienced. So for now, we will just give you a quick tour of the highlights. With VodafoneZiggo, it’s all about the technology, so get ready for lots of technical tour de forces. Such as Tim, a hologram who will tell you about our GigaNet. There’s a 3D show where you experience the impact our technology has on towns, cities and society. And not forgetting an interactive installation that shows how the Internet of Things benefits society. Are you up for an adventure? Well, our 360-degree video will show you what it’s like to climb up inside a 4G antenna. And closer to the ground, you can learn what place a fibre node has within the fibre optic network. You can dance to the sounds of a concert in a mini-version of the Ziggo Dome and even can take a selfie with the Ajax football players.

Springboard to the future
The Experience Centre is the perfect place to get to know VodafoneZiggo. This is why it’s where almost all new colleagues take the first step on their career path at our company. We also use this venue for interactive sessions with commercial staff, where we focus on their career opportunities. Surrounded by tomorrow’s innovations and assisted by experts, they find all the answers they need at their fingertips. We also welcome representatives from municipalities and provinces, so that we can really take an in-depth look with them at the challenges and social issues they face. And the youngsters? We use interactive workshops to teach them how to master the technologies of the future.

Want to visit the Experience Centre?
You can find the Experience Centre at VodafoneZiggo’s head office in the heart of Utrecht. This venue can be visited by anyone free of charge.