5G: driving innovation

Innovation initiatives

The speed and stability of 5G open the door to innovation and creativity. From smart agriculture drones providing farmers with advice to virtual experiences in concert halls. VodafoneZiggo helps innovative businesses to get started and links knowledge and enthusiasm to opportunities and technology.

5G is the ultrafast mobile internet of the future. It offers loads of band widths and far more efficient connections. For that reason we invite businesses, education and the government to experiment with this technology to their hearts’ content. Two initiatives are crucial in this respect: 5Groningen and the 5G Hub in Eindhoven.

Pilot area 5Groningen
Under the heading '5Groningen' entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations join forces with technical experts with the shared goal to test 5G applications. At the same time they are expanding their knowledge about Internet of Things (IoT), the technology that connects devices to each other ánd the internet. 5Groningen is an initiative of Economic Board Groningen and is sponsored by eleven partners.

This pilot area up north, also called the 5G Field lab, focuses on varying themes: care, energy, traffic, logistics, agriculture and living environment. Vodafone has been involved as a partner in several promising projects since 2017. Read more >>

On the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven the 5G Hub was opened early 2020. Here, companies learn to work with 5G. IoT, artificial intelligence and sensor technology are also part of the game. It is an initiative of the High Tech Campus, VodafoneZiggo, Brainport and Ericsson. In addition, scientists, public bodies and a range of organisations are involved. A specially developed innovation programme brings large companies and start-ups together. They are offered assistance in determining their goals, advice about technology and testing methods.

Pop venue De Effenaar experiments with virtual reality, for example, and live video, soccer club PSV looks into the possibilities of a 'smart' stadium and Philips works on 'connected ambulances'. These are ambulances equipped with a superfast video and data connection to liaise with a specialist in the hospital. In an emergency, the specialist can already familiarize himself with the case and give advice regarding treatment of his forthcoming patient.