Quotes on 5G

The technology of 5G is rushing into the future. It's the talk of the town. Check out the opinions of four people who are part of the 5G movement.

VodafoneZiggo CEO Jeroen Hoencamp: "We work hard on the network of the future, fixed as well as mobile. To that end we – together with other parties and entrepreneurs – are already conducting pilots in 5Groningen where we use simulations to test new techniques like network slicing and edge computing. Also, in Eindhoven we are planning some great pilots, for instance with Virtual Reality."

General manager John Zijlmans at Ericsson: "Not just because of the 5G technology roll-out and optimization services which we are to provide and test with VodafoneZiggo, but especially because of the unique collaboration, the innovative character and application in a Dutch environment. Our international experience as Ericsson with rolling out 5G networks will definitely be very useful when it comes to tailor-made solutions. We are therefore proud to be able to contribute to this forward leap by using our expertise and state-of-the-art technology."

Stijn Steenbakkers, alderman for Economy, Brainport, Education and Innovation of the city of Eindhoven: "As high-tech city of Eindhoven we are convinced that 5G technology can make a valuable contribution to our society. Which is why we have expressed an ambition with the central government for a region-wide 5G pilot. We are pleased with the parties' enthusiasm from the social innovations."

Eben Albertyn, Chief Technology Officer at VodafoneZiggo:
"The network of the future is already being built as we speak. 5G is an important part of that. The speed of technological developments that bring about countless new, smart opportunities enriching our life is unprecedented."