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    Better Wi-Fi experience for Ziggo customers with the new SmartWifi app

    13 april 2021

    Today, Ziggo is introducing the SmartWifi app for all customers who have a Ziggo Connectbox. The app makes it possible to get more out of the Wi-Fi connection and to gain control over all devices that are connected via Wi-Fi. For example, the white Wi-Fi boosters (models from 2015) will be optimised and the customer can test the Wi-Fi quality per room with a home scan. With the introduction of the SmartWifi app, Ziggo will ensure that its customer are even better prepared now and in the future.

    Ziggo’s SmartWifi app helps customer to improve their Wi-Fi experience by, among other things, making it easier to access an overview with which devices are connected with the Wi-Fi network. Afterlogging into My Ziggo once-only, the Ziggo SmartWifi app make it possible for you to easily:

    • Improve your Wi-Fi with a single press of the button
    • See which devices are connected with your Wi-Fi
    • Create a specially protected and secure guest Wi-Fi network
    • Install internet and television using smart installation guides
    • Use the secure Ziggo Wifispots outside your home
    • Adjust the network name and password of your Wi-Fi
    • Carry out a home scan in order to test your home network

    Improve your Wi-Fi with a single press of the button
    Customers with a Ziggo Connectbox make use of both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequency band, and also in some cases a Wi-Fi booster. As a result of this, multiple separate Wi-Fi networks can be created in one home. In order to prevent your device switching from one network to the other network if there is no longer any coverage, the SmartWifi app ensures that this seamlessly becomes one network. As a result of this, the customer experiences optimal Wi-Fi everywhere in the home.

    Ziggo's app family
    With the existing Ziggo GO app, customers can make any screen a TV regardless of where they are. The My Ziggo app has recently been added to this. All the customer’s details are conveniently arranged in the My Ziggo app and frequently asked questions can easily be found. The SmartWifi app is the newest addition to Ziggo’s app family to make things even easier for users, day and night.

    In the event of any questions with regard to improving Wi-Fi , customers can always contact the customer service via the My Ziggo app. The My Ziggo- app comes equipped with a handy Messenger function so you can quickly get in touch with a Wi-Fi expert 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

    More information about the SmartWifi app can be found on our website. The app can also be downloaded directly via the App Store or Play Store.

    Customers who make use of the TP-Link Deco M4 Smart Wi-Fi boosters can use the TP-Link Deco app.