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    Customers break data use record on GigaNet after introduction of partial lockdown

    15 november 2021

    On Sunday 14 November, VodafoneZiggo customers broke the record for data use on the fixed network: never before have this many video streams and other download traffic occurred at the same time. This record smashed the previous one set in February. The new record can be explained due to increased data use in general, the Formula 1 race in Brazil and possibly the introduction of a partial lockdown on 13 November.

    The new record is 460 Gigabit per second higher than the previous record set during the extended lockdown in February this year. This increase is equal to 100,000 simultaneous online streams of films or series in HD quality or around 25,000 in UHD/4K quality.

    Record 15 november 2021 - png crop.png

    Growing along with the customer
    Never before have customers made such intensive use of the products and services of VodafoneZiggo. “It’s always great to see that we can make our customers happy with our network,” says Leo-Geert van den Berg, director of fixed networks at VodafoneZiggo. “We are constantly investing in our networks so we can process the growing volumes of data, now and in the future. We are growing along with the needs of the customer.”