The final Formula 1 race attracted a record number of viewers and also resulted in extremely high data usage with Ziggo. On Sunday, a total of more than 5.3 million people watched the race in Abu Dhabi. The total data usage record in the afternoon was further improved by 7% yesterday.

The previous viewing figures record was held by the Formula 1 race at Zandvoort in September 2021. In total, almost 3.5 million people were watching at that time, 425,000 of whom watched via Ziggo GO, the mobile app. The previous record was therefore broken by 1.8 million. The final race in Abu Dhabi was available free of charge to the whole of the Netherlands through Ziggo.

Ziggo GO
416,000 people watched the Formula 1 conclusion on their smartphone or tablet via Ziggo Go yesterday. Therefore, the record remains at 557,000, which was set during the Formula 1 race in Mexico on 7 October 2021.

Data usage
In addition to the number of viewers, the total data usage in the afternoon record was improved by 7%. The previous record was set during the introduction of the partial lockdown last month. The further improvement of Sunday 13 December is comparable to 30.000 HD films or series streamed online simultaneously or approximately 8.000 in UHD/4K quality.

“This year has resulted in unprecedented records on our network. We see that the data usage has grown exponentially and that our networks are able to process this”, according to Leo-Geert van den Berg, Director of fixed networks at VodafoneZiggo. “We are therefore not only proud of Max, but also of all our engineers who make it possible every day for our customers to enjoy our products and services hassle-free.”

Extra Formula 1 Café
This evening, Ziggo Sport will broadcast an extra Formula 1 Café in which the race of Max Verstappen will be reviewed. The traditional end-of-year interview with him can be seen on Monday 20 December at 22:30 on Ziggo Sport.