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Full switch to digital radio for all Ziggo customers

Parting with analogue

1 april 2022

As of this week, all Ziggo customers have switched to digital radio. Ziggo was the last company to still offer national analogue radio via cable in the Netherlands. Helmond, Groningen and Den Bosch were the last regions to take the step this week.

Switching from analogue to digital radio has enabled Ziggo to free up space on the network. “Thanks to this bandwidth, we’re able to offer more TV and internet services, including a higher image quality and some apps,” explains Leo-Geert van den Berg, Director Fixed Network at VodafoneZiggo. “We shall keep innovating and looking to the future to ensure that our GigaNet grows in line with our customers’ needs. The full switch to digital radio is a crucial part of that.”

The change means the end of an era: analogue radio via the cable. “The Netherlands was ready for the switch. Even before its implementation, about 95% of Dutch people were already listening to the radio in another way than analogue.”

Customer support
In February 2021, Ziggo started switching to digital radio in and around Capelle aan den Ijssel. Region by region, the whole country followed. Quite some time in advance, customers received an email or a letter giving more information and possible alternatives. From now on, most customers will listen to the radio via their TV/mediabox. Until 29 May, they can also contact Ziggo to request a FM antenna or a digital radio receiver.

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