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    How do you overcome the complexities of hybrid working?

    16 maart 2021

    Companies can still prepare themselves for hybrid working. Despite a positive experience with homeworking, this transition is more complex than imagined. There cannot, for example, be any dependency on the physical office location and all processes are cloud-based. As an employer, this provides opportunities for diversity and effectiveness. However, also consider retaining your informal social infrastructure, leadership skills and office facilities.

    VodafoneZiggo envisages two changes to make ‘post-COVID’ hybrid working a success. “Whereas – as many business are aware – flexible working centres on the individual, in the new hybrid way of working, the team and the individual are given equal importance. You work whenever, wherever and however is most efficient for the team. For equality within the team, it’s essential to decide if everyone attends either virtually or physically,” says Thomas Mulder, HR Executive Director.

    Another change is that the type of work determines whether you have to attend virtually or physically. With hybrid working, you first think about the task at hand and then determine how collaboration should take place. Regular meetings, thus also Board meetings, are avoided on office days; those work especially well virtually. Teams come to the office for developing social contacts, working on designs that are complex, require lots of creativity or that concern personal development. The office will be given a new role and will become more of a meeting place for people.

    Opportunities for organisations
    VodafoneZiggo has carefully measured the effect of homeworking since the lockdown. Absenteeism is 10% lower than in 2019, productivity is up and the employee-satisfaction scores have risen. In addition, less travelling also means an improved ecological footprint. These opportunities and all the learning points are brought together into the long-term hybrid working policy VodafoneZiggo is sharing with other organisations. The company is helping organisations to implement hybrid working. Home Office consultants from VodafoneZiggo are advising businesses on how to organise themselves and get ready for the transition.

    Ready for hybrid working
    At VodafoneZiggo, the new policy means everyone who wants to can work at home half of the time. Each team selects one day in the week when they are all present at the office. Board members are setting a good example here: they are only all present together on Fridays. The internal organisation is being prepared so that once we are allowed to work at office again, the new policy is in force. VodafoneZiggo was the first organisation to announce its long-term hybrid policy at the end of October 2020.

    Download the VodafoneZiggo hybrid working policy and read how we are preparing the organisation for hybrid working.

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