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Opening of Green Innovation Hub: launch of digital innovation in Almere

Initiative of Almere municipality, Flevoland province and VodafoneZiggo

22 februari 2023

Today, the Green Innovation Hub in Almere officially opens its doors. The public-private partnership between the Municipality of Almere, Province of Flevoland and VodafoneZiggo focuses on developing digital innovations in the fields of construction, food, energy, mobility and inclusion, digital or otherwise.

The Green Innovation Hub is an incubator for meeting, collaboration and innovation. Parties develop digital solutions for healthy urban environments, local food security, mobility, circular building, energy distribution and social connection among city dwellers. Joint innovations are tested and scaled up at dedicated greenfield sites. The Green Innovation Hub is an open ecosystem, bringing together partners, business, government and education.

Innovation power
Councillor Maaike Veeningen: "The aim of this collaboration is to increase Almere's innovative strength. Digitalisation and technology are essential to this, as are the knowledge and qualities of residents of our region. The Green Innovation Hub’s location in the heart of the city gives us the opportunity to show how important sustainable and inclusive area development is to us."

Deputy Jan Nico Appelman: "The Province of Flevoland wholeheartedly supports the Green Innovation Hub: a place where collaboration, innovation and meeting are central. Digitisation and sustainability are both important themes for the development of our province. This also enables the Hub to fit perfectly into Almere's growth ambition."

Tomorrow's questions
Laura van Gestel, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at VodafoneZiggo: "As VodafoneZiggo, we have clear ambitions for 2025: halve our impact on the environment and help two million people move forward in society. We are therefore fully committed to technology that must serve society. By continuously improving and using our networks, such as the introduction of 5G. And by contributing to countless innovations in the field of the Internet of Things. Such as the smart monitoring system that watches over our dikes day and night. We also have an eye for social applications. The robot that keeps a sick child in touch with the class. And our program that provides disaster areas with a mobile network. We are constantly introducing new applications."

"If you want to address themes that have an impact on people and the environment (such as healthcare, mobility, but also climate change and social inequality), it is important to do this with the entire chain," says Laura van Gestel. "Together with partners, businesses, governments, and education. With the Green Innovation Hub, we want to develop solutions for tomorrow's questions together with co-initiators the Municipality of Almere and the Province of Flevoland."


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