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    Schiphol partnering with mobile operators to develop new mobile network

    8 oktober 2018

    Schiphol, KPN, T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo aim to improve travellers’ experience

    Royal Schiphol Group will partner with the three mobile operators, KPN, T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo, to establish a new and future-proof mobile indoor network at the airport with the aim to further improve the mobile user experience of travellers and employees. The coming two years will see a phased roll-out of the new network in all terminals, lounges, piers, the train station area, Schiphol Plaza and non-public areas like the luggage basements.

    “Schiphol has the ambition to be a leading digital airport, and a good mobile user experience for the many millions of travellers and thousands of employees is part of that. We are therefore very pleased to partner with KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile to work on an even better digital traveller’s experience at the airport,” says Jabine van der Meijs, CFO Royal Schiphol Group.

    In 2020 the new mobile network must be finished, with more than 30 antenna installations at the airport providing excellent mobile coverage. The new network is future-proof and suitable for the new generation of mobile networks like 5G. The network for the emergency services and the handheld transceiver system in use at Schiphol is also incorporated in the plans. 

    The roll-out of the new multi-operator mobile network will mean the end of the individual mobile indoor networks of the various operators at Schiphol. All mobile operators will be using the same mobile network in all the terminals and piers at Schiphol. The new mobile network will not only result in higher quality, but will also safe space and energy.