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    Sharing data with new family subscription

    18 juni 2018

    Today, Vodafone launches a new type of subscription, Red Together. This offer enables family members to merge subscriptions, resulting in one large data bundle for all to share. Customers opting for this offer receive twice the amount of data plus unlimited calling and texting in the Netherlands as well as all other countries in the EU.

    The offer has the option of a Red Together subscription and a Red Together Extra subscription. The Red Together subscription costs € 45 and consists of 40 GB with unlimited calling and texting and 100 minutes call time from the Netherlands to numbers in the EU. The 'Extra' option costs € 15, has the same calling and texting benefits, but has no data bundle until the subscriptions have been merged. In doing so, the amount of data doubles, amounting to 80 GB for all to share. When combined with Ziggo, the data bundle is doubled once again and will amount to 160 GB. It is possible for any third, fourth or fifth family member to take out an Extra subscription and join the group, thus benefiting from the shared data bundle. 

    Marcel de Groot, director consumer market at VodafoneZiggo: "Times are changing, families are changing and so is the way in which we communicate with each other and the world around us. The role of technology in this is getting bigger and bigger. Digitization can play a very positive role in the life of families, but we need to deal with it consciously. This type of subscription, in which families can merge subscriptions, share data and manage that themselves, comes in very handy."

    For customers who have a Red Together subscription as well as a Ziggo subscription, the nonstop free extras apply as well: customers receive a 5 euro discount (they pay € 40 instead of € 45) and an additional doubling of the amount of data. For customers combining Red Together with Ziggo the monthly data bundle is 160 GB. 

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    Vodafone customers can create a Red Together group starting from two persons; registering their subscriptions under one account. The group administrator can use various functionalities in the My Vodafone app, like monitoring usage and apportioning data. It is also possible to create notifications for each user and to activate a pause button. 

    Business customers can also join Red Together. For more information about Red Together please visit the website: