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    Jeroen Hoencamp on the corona situation (video)

    25 maart 2020

    How does VodafoneZiggo cope with the coronavirus? Our CEO Jeroen Hoencamp explains. #stayconnected

    These are extraordinary times, in which we are all trying to deal with the coronavirus. A difficult time with much insecurity and sadness, the end of which has not yet arrived. It's a hard truth.

    In this sense, we as a telecommunications company can only show humility. At the same time we realise, more now than ever, how important it is to stay connected to family, friends, colleagues or customers.

    Our networks play an essential role in this. We, and the other telecoms companies, are doing everything in our power to take care of those vital connections with enough capacity.

    Naturally, internet and telephone use has increased. However, after these first few weeks, we can conclude that our network is capable of handling the extra pressure.

    And we remain vigilant. We continuously monitor our networks and, if necessary, we expand the capacity. Preventing disruptions is our absolute highest priority. For emergency services and other vital processes of course, but also for everyone who is at home or working from home. Our technicians are ready, day and night, to repair serious disruptions.

    My other colleagues are also making every effort to support people and companies with advice and assistance. Here the focus is also on those issues that are the most urgent. If some things take a little more time, we hope we can count on your understanding.

    We are also seeing what more we can do. For example, we are offering our customers extra films and TV channels. We are helping customers with working from home and online teaching as well as the elderly.

    It's not just my colleagues, but the entirety of The Netherlands who are trying to stay in contact and help each other in many extraordinary ways. I find that heart-warming. Because that is perhaps the most important of all: regardless of the physical distance, staying connected to each other.

    And this is more than digital contact though our networks. Staying connected is about giving attention to someone. To people who are alone, or who can't leave their house. Being connected is also that daily phone call with your neighbour. That video chat with grandma, or sending a postcard. Asking how someone is doing. If you can help in any way.

    I sincerely hope that, regardless of the distance we have to keep, we think of others now more than ever. Because only by being there for each other right now, will we make it through these trying times together. Let's all stay connected.