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    Together we can: Vodafone celebrates collaborative power of technology and human ambition with new brand position

    2 april 2021

    Vodafone celebrates what the human spirit can achieve when combined with technology in a multi-market update to its brand position, to be launched this weekend. The company will introduce a new Vodafone tagline - ‘Together We Can’ – to accompany its new position, along with a 12-month programme of television, print and digital advertising demonstrating Vodafone’s profound belief that the partnership between technology and society can build a better future.

    “Together We Can’ places the emphasis on ‘we’, and how collaboration between the human spirit and innovation can achieve great things,” says Alex Froment-Curtil, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone. “The experience of these last 12 months during the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated more than ever the critical role of connectivity and technology to keeping society, businesses and governments connected. As a purpose-led company, Vodafone fundamentally believes that technology can improve lives, and this new positioning builds further momentum to our purpose to connect for a better future and enable an inclusive, sustainable digital society.”

    Vodafone’s new brand position is inspired by consumer research carried out by the company which revealed that the role of technology is profoundly transforming in people’s lives. Findings identified how technology has evolved from something that simply excites people on a personal level, to playing a more meaningful part in the world at large, in particular, in making a difference on issues such as sustainability and societal development. For example, over the last year sustainability has increased in importance and in terms of trust requirements for consumers in their brand preferences, with nearly eight in 10 people indicating that it was key for them. Over the coming months, Vodafone’s Together We Can message will be further set in motion by  the company’s deployment of gigabit networks enhancing connectivity to people and communities alike, embracing communications technology to reduce carbon emissions,  and supporting education, health and wellbeing to create a more inclusive and sustainable society.

    The Together We Can campaign will commence on 2 April, with a new 60-second television commercial, The Irrepressible Girl, featuring a young girl posing questions about the world around her, on the role technology can play in curing disease, fighting climate change and addressing digital inclusion. The commercial, along with a series of stories that will appear in print and digital advertising, will shine a spotlight on Vodafone’s critical role to help answer these questions, from the rollout of 5G, Gigabit networks and connectivity to the most remote parts of the world, to the role of the Vodafone DreamLab app in the fight against cancer and COVID-19.

    The campaign will mark the introduction of a refreshed brand identity with Vodafone’s iconic Speechmark logo and red colour scheme. The programme will run in 30 markets, including Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Albania, the Netherlands (via Vodafone-Ziggo), Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Lesotho and Mozambique. Vodafone’s partner markets, including Qatar and New Zealand, will also run the campaign. Creative work for the Together We Can campaign was produced by the London-based New Commercial Arts agency, with the television commercial directed by Tom Green, responsible for multiple award-winning TV series in the UK including Misfits and Blackout. The brand identity redesign was coordinated by Superunion with media buying handled by Carat.