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    Vodafone Business offers new services with Moving Intelligence

    IoT solution for controlling and managing vehicles and moving objects

    20 juli 2021

    Vodafone Business is offering new services on the Vodafone Business Marketplace with Moving Intelligence. As a partner in digitisation, VodafoneZiggo is helping business customers innovate with customized digital services and products. Moving Intelligence services have now been added to this. Moving Intelligence helps companies maintain control on 'moving objects', such as cars, scooters, containers, boats, and work equipment, via IoT (Internet of Things) technology. In the Vodafone Business Marketplace, business customers have access to a turnkey solution that includes hardware, infrastructure, and software.

    Digitisation is really taking off. The IoT is increasingly considered a cornerstone of the digital transformation of Dutch organisations. This technology is used to improve business results, from increasing operational efficiency to creating new products and improving the customer experience. “Adding Moving Intelligence IoT solutions to the Marketplace reflects Vodafone Business's objective,” says John van Vianen, Executive Director Business market at VodafoneZiggo. “This objective is namely that we, as a digital business partner of the Dutch business community, offer a broad portfolio of ICT solutions, knowledge and expertise, in addition to communication services.”

    Moving Intelligence
    Moving Intelligence is the market leader in the area of protecting valuable movable property. With these services, everything that drives, sails, or is being transported can be tracked at any time. Insurance companies use this service to track insured objects, for example. Fleet managers also use it to track vehicles and manage travel expenses. Moving Intelligence supplies the hardware required and installs the solution via the Vodafone Business Marketplace. Customers also get access to an online portal in which they can track their objects from start to finish. This turnkey solution in a central online location is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses who don’t possess the right knowledge, expertise or manpower in this area.

    The Vodafone Business Marketplace is an online platform which connects offers and demands for digital solutions. Corporate customers of Vodafone Business have direct access to various software and IoT applications, including Moving Intelligence. It means SME customers can easily find and purchase relevant applications in a one-stop-shop. The Marketplace provides customers with a single point of contact for support, and puts them in a position to easily manage and change their purchased products themselves. In addition to IoT solutions, Vodafone Business also offers an extensive portfolio of Microsoft licencing solutions and various device management and security solutions on the Marketplace. Combining the networks and technology of Vodafone Business with the knowledge and expertise of the partners helps business customers make sure that their services are designed around their customers’ needs.