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    Vodafone facilitates flexible working at Central Government

    24 juli 2017

    The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations awards the Kingdom-wide contract for mobile communication services (IWR2017) to Vodafone. With the contract for mobile services, Vodafone helps central government employees in the Netherlands and abroad to work more flexible, thanks to mobile telephony and data. It concerns 180,000 devices in the coming 4 to 7 years. Vodafone will also provide flexible workspace to the employees of the ministry.

    John van Vianen, Executive Director Business Market at VodafoneZiggo: "We are very proud that we have managed to secure an important customer like the central government yet again. For over 15 years, Vodafone has been providing mobile communication services now to the government. This contract offers the central government the opportunity for flexible working thanks to a fast and stable mobile connection with a future-proof network."

    For the new company VodafoneZiggo there is more good news, because Ziggo has also won a contract; the Kingdom-wide contract for service numbers for the central government. Two important telephone numbers in this contract are the Tax Information Line (0800-0543) and the Information Central Government Desk (1400). Ziggo and Vodafone together can provide an even wider range of products and services, as proved by this double success.