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    Vodafone introduces eSIM

    25 juni 2020

    The eSIM – the electronic SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) that can replace the plastic SIM card – is available to Vodafone customers as of today. By adding this electronic version of the SIM card we are supporting the latest development in smartphones.
    "Vodafone has closely monitored the eSIM developments," says Marcel de Groot, Director Consumer Market. "Our starting point is always the needs of our customers and consumers. More and more mobiles support the eSIM functionality and an increasing number of people use eSIM. As a result of this we have decided to introduce the eSIM. We are proud that we are now able to offer our customers this option too."

    As mobile phones are becoming thinner while offering more features at the same time, more and more space is needed for bigger batteries. The eSIM is in fact a built-in feature of the mobile phone and contains all the information that the device needs to connect to the network. Mobile phone manufacturers increasingly opt for eSIM instead of the traditional SIM cards. De Groot: “The eSIM has the future. It not only saves space in a smartphone, but we also contribute to a cleaner environment because we don’t need plastic for the card anymore. Besides, it’s safer as the SIM cannot be accessed from the outside and an eSIM can be more easily transferred to a new smartphone.”

    The eSIM also has many advantages for the business market. Director Business Market John van Vianen: “Due to the Dual SIM option, you can use the same device to receive calls on your business as well as your private phone number. And when travelling abroad, users can add a local (data) subscription to the eSIM, thus possibly saving on roaming costs.”

    Regular SIM card remains available
    All consumer, SoHo and corporate Vodafone post-paid mobile subscriptions support the eSIM. However, prepaid and hollandsnieuwe subscriptions do not yet support the eSIM. IoT subscriptions use a separate standard with embedded SIM card. The regular SIM card will therefore remain available for the time being, for smartphones with a physical SIM card slot.

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