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    Vodafone to offer 5G-ready subscriptions and unlimited

    Vodafone starts sale of 5G-ready phone

    12 februari 2020

    At the beginning of March, Vodafone will introduce its 5G-ready subscriptions for consumers and business customers. All new and existing Vodafone customers with a Red (Pro) subscription will even have access to 5G at no extra cost. There will be an unlimited subscription as well. Also, as of today, Vodafone is making its first 5G-ready phone available: the Samsung S20, in three versions. In preparation for the arrival of 5G, Vodafone continues to invest heavily in its mobile network.

    Following the arrival of 5G-ready phones, Vodafone will make its subscriptions 5G ready for consumers and the business market at the beginning of March. Marcel de Groot, Consumer Market Director at VodafoneZiggo: ‘Where existing and new customers with a Red (Pro) subscription are concerned, access to 5G will be added at no additional charge. Our customers with a 5G-compatible device will be able to use 5G as soon as our GigaNet is ready for that later this year. In this way, we are bringing 5G another step closer in the Netherlands, as its launch is only a matter of time.'

    In addition, Vodafone will introduce an unlimited subscription in March, to be individually used, and meant especially for consumers and business customers who wish to make even more and completely care-free use of mobile internet. With its Red Together consumer subscription, Vodafone already has a very appealing offer that includes a large data bundle that can be shared by the entire family. For business use there is Red Pro Team, with which data can be shared amongst colleagues.

    GigaNet almost ready for 5G

    Vodafone is putting in every effort to make its GigaNet compatible with 5G. The core of the mobile network (‘core network’), for instance, is already 100% 5G ready. In conjunction with network partner Ericsson, the company is busy with the step-by-step upgrade of its antenna network, installing 5G equipment and expanding the required capacity.

    Vodafone wishes to introduce 5G for its customers as soon as possible, but cannot at this stage make any formal announcements regarding the timing of the launch. In addition to the aforementioned network preparations, other factors play a role. Crucial, for instance, is the availability of spectrum. This year will see auctioning of the 700, 1400 and 2100 megahertz frequency bands, and the 3.5 gigahertz frequencies will only be available for use starting 2022. The latter is due to the announced relocation of the listening station at Burum in Friesland that makes use of these 3.5 gigahertz frequencies.

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