Vodafone is offering eSIM support for smartwatches from Tuesday 31 October. The digital subscription will be called 'Vodafone OneNumber'. Customers will use OneNumber to connect their Apple Cellular Watch to their smartphone.

OneNumber allows customers to connect their mobile number to their smartwatch. The eSIM means the smartphone and smartwatch can use data and call minutes from the same subscription. As a result, customers can always be reached on both their smartphone and smartwatch.

Supporting Apple Watches
With OneNumber, Vodafone offers support for the Cellular versions of Apple smartwatches from series 4 onwards with a minimum of WatchOS 10.1. The telecom provider is currently selling three versions of the Apple smartwatch, including the new Apple Watch Series 9.

Always connected
Robin Kroes, Executive Director Consumer Market at VodafoneZiggo: `We are delighted to announce the introduction of eSIM support for smartwatches. We are determined to provide our customers with the best digital solutions to suit their needs. With Vodafone OneNumber, we give customers the freedom to stay connected wherever they go.'

Vodafone OneNumber is temporarily free for the first three months. Afterwards, customers will pay 5 euros per month. Customers who own an Apple Watch Cellular can subscribe through the Watch app on their iPhone. OneNumber then immediately activates on their Apple Watch Cellular.

For more information, visit www.vodafone.nl/onenumber.