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    Vodafone embraces opportunities of the future with new brand claim

    6 oktober 2017

    'The Future is Exciting. Ready?'

    As of tomorrow, after nine years, Vodafone worldwide will say goodbye to its brand claim 'Power to you' while embracing 'The Future is Exciting. Ready?'. The goal of the positioning is to have the Dutch consumer experience everything that is now possible with modern technology. The provider invites the Netherlands to explore technical innovations together.

    In the past few years, technological developments have been booming. Vodafone has played an important part in this by bringing the latest and most sophisticated technologies to consumers over its widespread network. By encouraging customers to benefit today of tomorrow's developments, Vodafone strives to bring technology closer.

    "With our new campaign 'The Future is Exciting. Ready?' Vodafone demonstrates how technology of the future brings dreams and new experiences closer than ever to becoming a reality thanks to the Vodafone network", says Marcel de Groot, Executive Director Consumer Market at Vodafone. "By inviting customers to really experience this technique, they feel the excitement and understand the benefits of innovation. The first opportunity we offer is swimming in the Netherlands among white sharks from Gansbaai, while wearing special, watertight VR goggles connected to an underwater 4G signal."

    Ready to explore 

    Vodafone creates a world's first in the Netherlands. On 12 October, a virtual swim among white sharks from South Africa will be made possible underwater for the very first time. Vodafone customers wearing VR goggles, the only watertight model in Europe, can experience this exciting phenomenon in the Amsterdam Marnix swimming pool. 

    In South Africa exclusive 360 degrees video footage of white sharks is shot. Based on this footage a special stream is produced that gives you a true to life experience in a virtual world of what it is like to swim among these mighty great hunters without a cage. Since underwater 4G is a lot harder to realize, Vodafone has exerted every effort to accomplish this, enabling the participants to watch the entire stream during their experience in the Marnix pool. The dive with the virtual sharks is overseen by the South African research team of the social enterprise White Shark Project.

    The project is the first in a series in which Vodafone enables consumers to experience the excitement of using new technologies to discover or experience new things.