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    VodafoneZiggo achieved good results in 2019

    14 februari 2020

    VodafoneZiggo's total turnover has increased by 1% in 2019 compared to 2018. The increase in turnover has been observed the last three quarters. In addition to stable revenue growth in the fixed market for TV, internet and telephony, this growth is also driven by better sales of mobile phones.

    Despite the strong competition, VodafoneZiggo is achieving commercial growth again this year:

    + 269,000 mobile (post-paid) customers, + 45,000 fixed internet customers. Growth has been observed for 11 consecutive quarters.

    We see that our converged (Non-Stop-Free-Extras) services are still being purchased to great satisfaction by our customers. Almost 75% of mobile customers and 40% of fixed services customers purchase products from both Vodafone and Ziggo. In terms of numbers, 541,000 mobile customers and 286,000 fixed services customers purchased a combined product this year. In total, there are 2 million mobile customers in over 1.3 million households.

    Continued growth of operating profit (OCF or Operating Cash Flow) of 4% this year, relative to 2018.

    With the rollout of superfast Gigabit Internet, VodafoneZiggo is taking an important step towards its ambition of preparing the Netherlands for the digital future through Vodafone and Ziggo’s powerful GigaNet network.