VodafoneZiggo and the social enterprise Closing the Loop are joining forces to make 'circular' phones a reality. The cooperation will lead to the recycling of at least 15,000 mobile phones over the next two years. 

For every new phone that a VodafoneZiggo colleague buys or leases from 2022 onwards, Closing the Loop will recycle a discarded phone, for example from an African scrap yard. Moreover, VodafoneZiggo customers can hand in their old phones at shops through the Trade-in Deal programme in order to give them a second life. Closing the Loop is making these phones waste-neutral as well through its compensation service.

Closing the Loop
VodafoneZiggo's approach is similar to CO2 offsetting, but for waste. As a sustainable partner, Closing the Loop collects electronic waste (e-waste) from developing countries: places where this waste is not generally collected. “We are excited about VodafoneZiggo's move to make mobile phone use better and cleaner,” says Joost de Kluijver, founder of Closing the Loop. “Together with leading companies, we are increasing the positive impact of the telecom industry.”

Circular ambition
VodafoneZiggo wants to halve its environmental impact and produce ‘zero waste’ by 2025. “Waste-neutral mobile phones contribute to this,” says Laura van Gestel, Director of Brand Communications and Media & CSR at VodafoneZiggo. “We want to stop discarded phones from unnecessarily ending up in landfills. This is where Closing the Loop comes in, by collecting phones in countries where there is often insufficient knowledge about recycling. It converts this waste into reusable materials. This way, we are working together towards a circular chain.”

Environmentally conscious options for employees
This initiative supports VodafoneZiggo's People, Planet, Progress (PPP) programme. By doing so, the company is taking action towards sustainability - also towards its employees.

With circular compensation, the phones of all employees of VodafoneZiggo will become waste-neutral in two years' time. “Through this wonderful partnership, we will automatically provide our employees with more sustainable technology,” says Thomas Mulder, Director HR at VodafoneZiggo. “This way, we will be making our PPP programme relevant and concrete for each and every colleague.”

VodafoneZiggo devotes a considerable amount of attention to inspiring and motivating employees to work and live in an environmentally conscious manner. For instance, the company has a mobility policy that aims to have as many employees as possible use public transport to get to and from work. Another goal is a fossil-free car fleet by 2025. To achieve this, VodafoneZiggo will from now on only provide electric cars to lease drivers.

Cloosing the loop