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    VodafoneZiggo takes off

    9 januari 2017

    VodafoneZiggo is the name of the new Dutch communications provider that has started this week. The two brands Ziggo and Vodafone are preserved in the new company.

    With the two brands, VodafoneZiggo presents itself as a company that offers fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses.

    "By combining Ziggo's fixed network with Vodafone's mobile network, we are creating a new digital highway in the Netherlands. Connectivity and communication are the pillars of our society and economy. The standards we demand of our digital infrastructure are constantly increasing. With our ongoing investments we aim at building a company that the Netherlands can be proud of. That is our ambition," says CEO Jeroen Hoencamp.

    "For the Dutch enterprise world, we are also the communication partner par excellence, now and in the future. However large, small, young or old a company is, VodafoneZiggo will make sure entrepreneurs can count on a reliable digital infrastructure of the highest quality."


    To offer (online) accessibility to both consumers and businesses, a seamless integration of fixed and mobile networks is required. Furthermore, the Internet of Things offers a wealth of new opportunities for innovation, efficiency and security for which the integration of networks, systems and services is crucial.

    For its own employees, VodafoneZiggo has refurbished its existing office locations for flexible working, breathing the new corporate identity. To support the integration, teams and departments are put together on the various locations, right from the start. The integration process will be carried out with the utmost care.


    This past year, Vodafone and Ziggo combined invested more than € 800 million in network and IT among other things. For the years to come, these are also the areas the new company intends to invest heavily in, next to product development and innovation. In this way the Netherlands will remain the worldwide leader in coverage, capacity and internet speeds – fixed as well as mobile – of which businesses and consumers ánd The Netherlands Ltd will reap the benefits.


    The board of the company consists of CEO Jeroen Hoencamp and CFO Ritchy Drost. The other board members are Robin Kroes (Strategy), Marcel de Groot (Consumer market), John van Vianen (Business market), Anja Maassen van den Brink (HR), Ruben Uppelschoten (Customer Operations), Eben Albertyn (Technology), Barbara Jongerden (Legal & Regulatory) and Marieke Dekker (External Affairs).

    The Supervisory Board of VodafoneZiggo is made up of eight members, of which two will be appointed on the recommendation of the Works Council.