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    A world's first: diving with VR goggles among white sharks in Marnix swimming pool

    12 oktober 2017

    Today, the 36-year old Melvin Smitter from Wormerveer and a number of Vodafone customers dived with real South African white sharks in the Amsterdam Marnix swimming pool. This was made possible by watertight VR goggles and a 360 degrees video stream. It was the first time ever that this technique was being used. By transforming the signal into a Wi-Fi signal that was transmitted to the watertight VR goggles by a conductor in the water, the underwater stream was made possible by Vodafone.

    "I have been fascinated by sharks for 30 years," says shark fanatic Melvin Smitter. "That I could take such a close look at them today, to see the sharks swim, was beyond my wildest dreams. In South Africa you dive in a protective cage, I was allowed to mingle with these hunters in a virtual way without any protection."

    With this project Vodafone wants to inspire and invite everyone to discover new things by using the latest technologies. Thanks to the first watertight VR goggles you experience in a lifelike way, albeit in a virtual world, what it is like to swim with these mighty hunters without a cage. 

    "With this unique experience Vodafone demonstrates how technology of the future brings dreams and new experiences closer than ever to becoming a reality thanks to the Vodafone network," says Laura van Gestel, Manager Commercial Communications Vodafone. "By enabling customers to actually experience this technique, they really understand the benefits of innovation."

    In the infographic below the technique behind the project is explained in detail.

    The dive with the virtual sharks was overseen by the South African research team of the social enterprise White Shark Project. An organization that enables diving with and research into white sharks. They guided the participants during this unique underwater experience. In addition they explained the white shark's behaviour and the research conducted by the White Shark Project into these fascinating animals.

    The 360 degree livestream is available on