Fixed networks are essential for society, even now that the corona pandemic seems to be turning into an endemism. With the introduction of working from home, learning at home and hybrid working, a well-functioning internet connection has become essential. Research shows that Ziggo customers use the most successfully tested fixed network in the Netherlands. This is evident from the benchmark research published today by umlaut, the independent research agency that assesses the quality of Dutch fixed networks.

With 947 out of 1000 points, Ziggo comes out on top in the test. umlaut measures the response time (latency), download speed and upload speed of all fixed networks in the Netherlands over a six-month period. The ratings are based on millions of data from smartphones and tablets of participants who have given pre-emptive consent for data collection. Mobile devices that are connected to the fixed network via WiFi are used more and more intensively. Working from home during the corona pandemic has also contributed to this.

"Nowadays we can be found roaming online more and more, and in many cases with the entire family at once. We work more from home, connect our smart products to the Internet, and stream and play games a lot,” according to Leo-Geert van den Berg, Director of Fixed Networks at VodafoneZiggo. "We want to continue to offer our customers the best experiences and do so by continuously improving our network. We were able to achieve this feat thanks to our entire technical staff working every day to provide our customers with powerful and stable internet connections."

All Ziggo customers use our powerful GigaNet. With our fiber-cable network and SmartWifi you have an optimal connection to and in your home and business. With GigaNet, customers are ready for anything they want to do.