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    Ziggo Launches SmartWifi

    The latest Wi-Fi technology searches for best frequency and strongest signal

    5 oktober 2020

    With the introduction of SmartWifi, Ziggo has launched its new range of smart Wi-Fi products. SmartWifi gives customers the best achievable mobile connection by automatically switching to the fastest Wi-Fi point. The system also selects the best frequency and the Wi-Fi is distributed according to use without customers having to take action themselves.

    Customers have a choice of two SmartWifi packages. Regular Smartwifi prevents signal loss when customers move around their homes, making video calls and emailing while doing other things a lot more reliable.

    Ziggo also offers a SmartWifi package that uses Wi-Fi 6. This technology has the same benefits, but also offers superior speeds and capacity, as well as lower latency. This makes it easier for users to stream a film while other household members are gaming. Operating and programming household appliances that use Wi-Fi, such as washing machines and doorbells, will be easier, too.

    Marcel de Groot, Executive Director Consumer Market VodafoneZiggo: "Smartwifi ensures a seamless Wi-Fi network so that our customers are always online in and around their homes and businesses. It enables Ziggo to offer maximum flexibility in times when everything and everybody is online at once. From the mobile binge-watcher to the professional who likes virtual meetings, but does not like to sit still From freelancers who combine physical work with reading emails to the family in which everyone does their own thing."

    Ziggo customers can upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 with a smart Wi-Fi booster starter kit with one Wi-Fi booster*: the TP Link Deco X20 for €99.95. This kit can be extended with multiple boosters as required. There is also a smart Wi-Fi booster kit with three boosters available for Wi-Fi throughout the whole house. This TP Link Deco M4 set features Wi-Fi 5 technology and costs €99.95.

    * The Wi-Fi 6 W-Fi booster starter kit is available exclusively to customers in the Netherlands. Wi-Fi boosters (TP Link Deco X20) are available individually only from Ziggo.