Diversity & Inclusion
VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company with two foreign parent companies. VodafoneZiggo is one of the largest companies in the telecom sector and therefore an important employer in the Netherlands. Our activities are diverse, as are our customers and our people. Different qualities, perspectives and backgrounds stimulate conversation. Moreover, conversation leads to innovation. Innovation is not male or female, or black or white. Thanks to today's diversity and inclusion, innovation is the future.

VodafoneZiggo focuses on four pillars, namely LGBT+, women (Gender), people at a distance from the labour market and ethnicity.

There is an internal Friends of LGBT+ network within VodafoneZiggo. This network has excellent connections with the international network of LGBT+ colleagues of our parent companies. Liberty Global and Vodafone Group. VodafoneZiggo is a member of Workplace Pride and Corporate Queer. We organise internal workshops and meetings with these partners in order to create an open culture with regard to LGBT+.

VodafoneZiggo supports the LGBT+ community outside the company as well, under the name Queers Connected. For example, we are a partner of the Pride Business Club Amsterdam, Workplace Pride, Corporate Queer and the proud main sponsor of Utrecht Canal Pride. In addition, in 2019 VodafoneZiggo made it possible for the Paarse Vrijdagkrant newspaper to be made available in schools in the Netherlands, while this publication is featured prominently at our offices as well.

A good balance between men and women in the organisation leads to better decisions and contributes to more innovation. VodafoneZiggo feels strongly about this. That is why we are working hard to improve the gender distribution in all company positions, levels and departments. In 2019, 28% of our top managers were women. This percentage reflects the share of women throughout the organisation, which was also 28%. We are well aware that there are still relatively few women working in the telecom sector and we are doing our best to change this.

For example, VodafoneZiggo joined the 'Talent to the Top' initiative and promised to enable more women to move on to the top. In the Discover Traineeship, our training programme for young talents, the ratio between men and women is 50/50. VodafoneZiggo actively participates in International Women's Day on 8 March and has also organised a Girls Day since 2019, as part of which young girls visit VodafoneZiggo and get to know the world of telecom.

Labour force participation
VodafoneZiggo offers people with occupational disabilities full jobs that suit their needs and possibilities. We bridge the distance to the labour market by offering them suitable work, which makes them part of a team.

We realise that for many new employees with an occupational disability a job at VodafoneZiggo is a fun but also exciting challenge. That is why both they and their supervisors can turn to an internal job coach who discusses the situation and, where necessary, provides employees with additional support in order to carry out their job. Employees are also given extra support by the FutureFit training programme. This programme helps future-proof their start on the labour market.

Given that not all positions are suitable for people with an occupational disability, VodafoneZiggo consciously chooses to purchase from social entrepreneurs (PSO 30+ certified) where possible. Within this context we found the right partners in Complementair, Onbeperkt aan de Slag and De Knuffelfabriek.

Every year, the independent research institute TNO assesses VodafoneZiggo's policy for hiring and supporting people with an occupational disability. TNO presents the result in the Performance Ladder for Social Enterprise (PSO), a measuring instrument that shows how well a company scores in the social field. The higher it is on the ladder, the better a company performs. VodafoneZiggo currently has 'aspiring status' and aims to reach step 1 of this ladder by 2021. To do so, we work together with our partners Energieq and Onbeperkt aan de Slag. VodafoneZiggo supports people with occupational disabilities outside its own organisation as well. We are an active partner of the Lucille Werner Foundation, Emma at Work, Energieq – Sterk Sociaal, Onbeperkt aan de Slag, People Power Radio and the network 'Inclusion, What’s next'.

Cultural diversity
VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company with an international image. We are part of an organisation with branches in almost all parts of the world. And we’re proud of that. This international allure is visible in the workplace, where people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds work together. Both Dutch and English are spoken in the workplace, so that everyone can communicate with each other.

VodafoneZiggo’s diversity enriches our organisation and contributes to increased mutual understanding. It is important that everyone is aware of each other's cultural customs and traditions. Our people have access to a quiet room to peacefully do that which their religious beliefs require. Furthermore, all holidays, such as Christmas, Passover and Ramadan, are celebrated at VodafoneZiggo.

VodafoneZiggo conducts a so-called Heartbeat survey annually. In this survey we ask all our employees whether they are able to be themselves at work and whether they feel at home in their team and at VodafoneZiggo. We take the results of this survey into account in the continuous improvement of our policy.

In addition, VodafoneZiggo collaborates with, among others, the Refugee Talent Hub to develop programmes in order to give permit holders in the Netherlands full opportunities within the labour market. An example of such a programme is Python Codemasters or special 'meet & greets' to create jobs or opportunities.