From customers to loyal fans

From customers to loyal fans

Dico Ariesen about the importance of the Ziggo Dome

When the very best musicians are stealing the show, our customers have front-row seats. Literally, in the Ziggo Dome, but also at home flaked out in an armchair. And that is a win-win situation, for them, for VodafoneZiggo ánd the musicians.

Being the first to buy tickets for thé concert of Guus Meeuwis; standing eye to eye with Ed Sheeran during an intimate performance; or watching a top-class show by Sting live from your armchair. Our customers can enjoy all those things, all year long. That is what we work vigorously on as Brand Engagement department, always providing enjoyment and the right content to our customers. We have a superb location at our disposal: the Ziggo Dome. With 1.2 million visitors a year this is the largest concert hall in the Netherlands. And for us thé way to turn loyal customers into fans.

For customers
When the Ziggo Dome opened its doors seven years ago, we were only a regional player working hard to increase its level of brand awareness. Now that we’ve become a household name, we approach sponsoring in a totally different way. It’s no longer a matter of sticking our logo somewhere, but of entering into partnerships to add value to our customers. Offering them benefits they don’t get from any other telecom provider. Ranging from actions to witness intimate performances by the greatest artists to the possibility of being the first to buy tickets for concerts in the Ziggo Dome. And don’t forget the Ziggo Dome Golden Seats, where a customer can win VIP seats for an entire year to attend any concert. With these actions and events we prove: you’re important to us.

For Ziggo
We treat our customers, but we do get something in return as well. Which is a strong brand and more loyal customers. It’s a fact that people who know the Ziggo Dome, hold the Ziggo brand in higher esteem. If they actually go to the Ziggo Dome, they are even more positive. And if customers participate in one of our actions through, we see their brand appreciation increase even more. In short, people who know or visit the Ziggo Dome, are more positive about Ziggo. For that reason, it is quite valuable to us to have as many customers as possible participate in our actions.

For the music industry
Then you have the music industry, that more and more manages to find us. We are an interesting communication platform for artists. With our own communication channels we reach a large audience, so for musicians it is attractive to use us to promote their new album or upcoming tour. Take Trijntje Oosterhuis for example. Prior to her show in the Ziggo Dome she agreed to a living room concert, in cooperation with us. We broadcasted that on Ziggo TV (channel 13) and posted accompanying messages on Facebook and Instagram. International stars, too, know how to find us: recently the Kaiser Chiefs, but also artists like Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol and Bastille. They gave an exclusive concert for a small group of VodafoneZiggo customers, which we in turn broadcasted on Ziggo TV. In this way artists promote their new records and we provide our customers with a unique experience.

Behind the scenes
Naturally, we keep developing our sponsorship deals, in order to offer our customers the very best experience. I can raise a corner of the veil about upcoming events. We will be making the Ziggo Dome even more accessible, to áll Dutch people, customers and non-customers alike. How? On our social media we will post mini documentaries about what is happening behind the scenes at the Ziggo Dome. It gives you a really genuine feeling of being backstage. On Ziggo TV the full version of the documentaries will be shown. Exclusively for our customers, since the front row naturally remains their domain.

Dico Ariesen, senior sponsor manager at VodafoneZiggo

Dico during the ceremony of the 'Soundz Lifetime Achievement Award', won by KISS