Resolve faults before customers are affected. That is the approach of 'Sherlock', a project in which VodafoneZiggo uses big data and algorithms to search for weaknesses in the network.

Sometimes at first glance everything seems to work technically as it should, but customers still experience problems with their internet connection, at home or at the office. These are frustrating situations, both for the customer and for VodafoneZiggo's technicians. To prevent such moments as much as possible, a special project has been started that proactively looks for threatening bugs: Sherlock.

Smart Algorithms
Sherlock consists of a solid combination of technology and knowledge. Smart algorithms analyze the underlying causes of issues that have not yet been found or have arisen in an advanced way. A broad community of specialists (technicians up to and including customer service employees) identifies the sensitivities, assesses the results and intervenes where necessary.

Effective solutions
"We use the insights we gain to help our customers and other colleagues solve problems faster and better," says Joeri Hotting from the department Customer Value Management at VodafoneZiggo. "With the help of data, the Sherlock Data Team searches for weak spots in our network, for example, and finds out what the cause is. In this way they make visible what our eyes do not see, but the data can. Of course we prefer to do this before problems arise. By working closely together, we offer effective solutions to customer issues and our colleagues can better help customers on the phone and in chats."

Watch this video and in 2 minutes you will get a good impression of how Sherlock works.