Engineers are no longer limited to driving vans to customers. Now, they can ride an e-bike, a sustainable cargo bike or an e-scooter with a roof. This is how VodafoneZiggo is working towards improving the environment while at the same time improving the health of its employees.

City centres are often difficult to access by car or van. The narrow streets, busy roads and one-way traffic are a source of endless frustration for many drivers. To help alleviate this problem, we previously announced that Ziggo engineers are going to transport themselves with Sunrider cargo bikes in various cities. This is an electric tricycle with a large cargo box. Our 'fleet' has now been expanded with two new green vehicles.

Carver e-scooter
The Carver is an electric three-wheeled scooter with a roof. Behind the driver there is a spacious cargo area. It is the perfect mode of transport for engineers that need to take spare parts and tools to customers. The Carver is 100% electric and rides silently.

Cargo tricycle
In Rotterdam and Nijmegen, the engineers are going to ride e-bikes from Cargo Cycling. This cargo tricycle was specially designed for sustainable city transport. It has a tilt mechanism that improves the handling, ease of use and stability.

One step ahead of the future
By introducing these electric tricycles, VodafoneZiggo and service partner Circet Nederland are already one step ahead of the future. From 1 January 2025 onwards, over thirty towns and cities in the Netherlands (including Utrecht, Maastricht and Groningen) are set to bring in a 'zero emissions' zone, as that was what was laid down in the Climate Agreement. This means that vans or cars that emit CO2 will no longer be welcome in those places.

100% environmentally friendly
VodafoneZiggo's ambition is to ensure that as many customer visits as possible are 100% environmentally friendly. "Our aim is not only to keep travel time as short as possible, but also to achieve a dramatic reduction in emissions per kilometre", says Marloes Timmerman of VodafoneZiggo. "Right now, we intend to continue doing everything we can to ensure our company is fulfilling the latest requirements in all of the zero emission zones that have been announced, even before 2025 comes along."

"Moreover, we believe it will improve the health of our employees", adds Kees Uittenbogaard of Circet Nederland. "Through collaborative testing, research into solutions and continued development, we can make city logistics cleaner, more efficient and more flexible."

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