VodafoneZiggo is proud of the positive impact our products and services have on society. But our ambition goes further. That is why we created a CSR strategy: People Planet, Progress.

VodafoneZiggo: social and responsible

VodafoneZiggo plays a positive role in the day-to-day lives of millions of people. We’re very proud of this, but our ambitions go beyond providing valuable services. We also want to do this in the most social and sustainable way possible, so we can have a positive impact on Dutch society. That’s why we’re helping colleagues and suppliers to make conscious choices. It’s a responsibility that we’re happy to take on personally, and it’s also what our customers and civil society organisations expect from us.

Under the title People, Planet, Progress, we’re launching VodafoneZiggo’s new CSR ambition for 2025: to halve our impact on the environment... and help two million people move forward in society. We’re focusing on urgent issues such as the climate crisis, pollution and social inequality. VodafoneZiggo views CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a colourful spectrum of responsibilities, geared towards our consumption, our behaviour, our people and our social contribution. From now on, this will form an integral part of our strategy. We will focus our efforts on the following five areas:

  1. Everything for a healthy environment >>
  2. Equal opportunities in the digital society >>
  3. A diverse and inclusive culture >>
  4. Technology for society >>
  5. Sustainable purchasing of services and products >>

Vodafone Foundation
The Vodafone Foundation plays an important role in the implementation of the People Planet Progress strategy and the realization of the ambition. With the Foundation's programmes, we want to help 1.6 million people move forward in society in the time frame 2020-2025. Read more.

Sustainable Finance Framework
As part of its commitment to sustainability, VodafoneZiggo has designed a Sustainable Finance Framework under which it can issue green funding instruments to finance or refinance projects enabling the company to meet its People, Planet, Progress objectives. This Framework replaces VodafoneZiggo’s Green Bond Framework which was published in December 2020.

Human rights statement by VodafoneZiggo
We strive to treat everyone equally and to act in the most ethical and sustainable manner in everything we do.
VodafoneZiggo Human Rights Statement