Melvin Smitter (36) from Wormerveer is a shark fanatic. He was thrilled when he heard that he would get the chance, as would a number of other Vodafone customers, to dive with real South African white sharks in the Amsterdam Marnix pool.

It all happened thanks to watertight VR goggles and a 360 degrees video stream. It was the very first time this technique was being used. By transforming coverage above the water level into a Wi-Fi signal that was conducted through the water to the watertight VR goggles, Vodafone enabled the underwater stream.

"I've been fascinated by sharks for 30 years," says shark fan Melvin. "That I would come so close today, to see the sharks swim, is beyond my wildest dreams. In South Africa itself you swim in a cage, but I could virtually mingle with these hunters without any protection."

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