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GigaNet: the powerful network of Vodafone and Ziggo

VodafoneZiggo combines the fiber-cable network of Ziggo and the mobile network of Vodafone. This 'GigaNet' is becoming more stable, smarter and faster, with internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second. And that is necessary, because data demands are growing exponentially. In this way we play a double role: accelerator of the Dutch digitization and builder of the necessary infrastructure.

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A glimpse into the future

The growing power of GigaNet

5G explained in 500 words

What is it, what does it do, how do I benefit?

A smart house, a safe home

Wilco Dekker about the data behind your front door

5G: driving innovation

Innovation initiatives

How does GigaNet work?

Exploring our networks

Four facts and fables about your internet speed

From coaxial cable and optical fibre to 5G

Investing in the network of the future

High costs, high demands

The rise of IoT

Marcel Kool about the Internet of Things

5G Hub: a hotbed of innovation

Testing with 5G in Eindhoven

What is 5G and what does it have to offer?

The key to remote care and games without a glitch

Innovation project: Love your haters

Jan van Boesschoten about hate and design

Analogue TV and radio leave field to superfast internet

Robert Webbe about the turnaround – from analogue to digital

End of the 3G era

Freeing up frequencies for new power

Cutting down till they squeal

Saving energy in buildings by smart climate control through 5G

Cable of the future

Blog: Wilco Dekker on 'wireless' revolution

5G will be significantly changing mobility in the Netherlands

Sander van de Zande

Remote messages about medication and home care

Hospital care at home thanks to the Internet of Things

Tech that passes all understanding

What’s the impact of the enormous increase in data?

5G shakes instrument engineering to its foundations

How Omnidots can instantly connect the dots

Strong dikes because of smart anchors

The Internet of dikes

Live streaming will be a simple calculation

Improved picture quality with 5G

Kick-off for network of the future

Gigabit speeds coming up

Testing ground for servicemen

TEC Campus: Ziggo’s training location in Amsterdam

The high-speed evolution of Internet of Things

Ready for the future?

"We need to have a talk"

Robots responding to voice and emotion, is that really what we want?

Great mark

Dutch networks among Europe's best

The network of the future is something we create together

We like to team up with towns, communities, start-ups and people with great ideas. If you want to help us innovate, please share your contact information.

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